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By | December 10, 2018

How to Identify the Toxic Family Members

Although it is uncommon for people to say that they have toxic family members, it happens most of the time in family set up. Having a controlling family member is never good feeling and it is important that you identify behaviors such as neediness, criticism, manipulation and jealousy which describes such a person. Below are some of the signs that you need to keep an eye on to easily identify toxic relative.

When you do not have any positive feelings around your relative, it may be an indicator that they are toxic. It is the words that they say that will hurt you and you’ll develop sad feelings whenever you are around them. Some of the feelings such as guilty conscious, feeling ashamed had regretful and depressed around a family member shows that it is not worthy of your time to spend around them.

When you always find excuses not to stay with any of your family member then it might show that they are having a role to play with your depression. As a human being most of the time you love to spend time with those who are special to you like your family members because of the uplifting moments that you share. Developing cold shoulders during any of the family interaction and failure to interact with them can be a sign that you are not getting along.

Mature individual should be able to handle most of their problems and take care of themselves. Having to put up with the family member who is unable to handle their life and who wants to be pampered can cause you stress most of the times.

It is a common misconception that emotional drain is only likely to happen during the romantic relationship and not in a family setup. When after talking with your family member you feel like you are exhausted, unhappy and emotionally unstable then you need to think twice about the relationship. The top reason for feeling emotionally drained after a chat with your family member may be due to the constant negative attitude that is displayed in most of the talks.

When you study the above problems and note that most of the times after having a discussion with a family member you feel overwhelmed and depressed it could be due to the negative energy from the family member. It is important to analyze the issue as a whole and the cause of the problem because it could be you who is causing the negative feelings to your family member and to yourself. The ability to open up about the issue and create boundaries can ensure that you overcome the family toxic family members.

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